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Dr. Vaibhav Patil - Reviews

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    Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Quick Facts

Speaks English, Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi
4 Specialities
1 Degree
3 Locations

About Dr. Vaibhav Patil

Dr. Vaibhav Patil, MD is a doctor primarily located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The doctor specializes as a Allergist, Neurologist, Nutritionist and Sexologist. The doctor speaks English, Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi.


Dr. Vaibhav Patil has the following degree:
  • Doctorate of Medicine (MD), 2011
    University of Kerala
    Specialization: Ayurveda


Dr. Vaibhav Patil has the following 4 specializations:
  • Allergists are doctors trained to prevent, diagnose, manage, and treat allergic diseases. Allergists are also trained to manage immune system disorders, including allergies, asthma, inherited immunodeficiency diseases, and autoimmune diseases. You should see an allergist if you have difficulty breathing, or nasal congestion, or chronic sinus infection, or seasonal/year-round allergies, or severe asthma impacting your work and life, or if non-prescription antihistamine medicines are not effective.
  • A neurologist is a doctor who practices in neurology. Neurology is the science related to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. A neurologist treats disorders affecting nerves, brain, spinal cord and cerebrovascular diseases, such as stroke, headache, movement disorders, such as Parkinson's disease, infections of the brain and nervous system, Alzheimer's disease, seizures disorders including epilepsy, spinal cord disorders, and speech and language disorders. Neurologists themselves do not perform surgery and if a patient needs surgery, they refer them to a neurosurgeon.
  • A nutritionist provides guides on the matters of nutrition and food and their impacts on the health of human. There are different professional terms used for a nutritionist in different countries some of them are nutrition scientist, dietitian-nutritionist, public health nutritionist, clinical nutritionist, and sports nutritionist. Nutritionists focus on planning healthy diets. Some nutritionists also give the educational services or programs to aware the public on the strategies for healthy eating.
  • Sexologists are doctors who study human sexuality, including sexual behaviors, interests, and functions. They deal with problems regarding intimacy and relationships and also guide to achieve the best relationship. They mainly resolve sexual issues between the relationships. They conduct one to one sessions for sexual problems.


Dr. Vaibhav Patil has 3 locations:
  • Avabhasini Ayurved and Keraleeya Panchakarma Chikitsalaya

    301, A Wing, Manjari Farm [hadapsar}, Hadapsar
  • Dr Vaibhav Patil

    Shree Gaurav, Aparna Polyclinic, 90ft, Navghar Road, Mulund East, Mulund
    Mumbai, Maharashtra 400081
  • Dr Vaibhav Patil

    Shree Arogyadham, Kolwadi Theur, Manjri Khurd TO Theur Road

Learn the Basics

An allergy is a reaction by your immune system to something that does not bother most other...
Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction. It can begin very quickly, and symptoms may be...
Asthma is a chronic disease that affects your airways. Your airways are tubes that carry air in...
Most of the time, medicines make our lives better. They reduce aches and pains, fight...
Food allergy is an abnormal response to a food triggered by your body's immune system.
Each spring, summer, and fall, trees, weeds, and grasses release tiny pollen grains into the...
Hives are red and sometimes itchy bumps on your skin. An allergic reaction to a drug or food...
We usually think of air pollution as being outdoors, but the air in your house or office could...
Latex is a milky fluid that comes from the tropical rubber tree. Hundreds of everyday products...
Sinusitis means your sinuses are inflamed. The cause can be an infection or another problem....
A symptom and a finding during physical examination, characterized by a high-pitched, whistling...



Dr. Vaibhav Patil offers advice on the following conditions and procedures:


Dr. Vaibhav Patil offers consultation on the following conditions and procedures:

Dr. Vaibhav Patil - Reviews

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