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Dr. Sidharth Verma - Reviews

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    Chronic Pain Specialist

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    Regenerative Medicine

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    Spine Specialist


    Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Quick Facts

Speaks English, Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi
4 Specialities
4 Degrees
5 Locations

About Dr. Sidharth Verma

Dr. Sidharth Verma, MD is a doctor primarily located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with other offices located in [u'Navi Mumbai, MH, Navi Mumbai and MH', 2]. The doctor specializes as a Chronic Pain Specialist, Neurologist, Regenerative Medicine and Spine Specialist. The doctor speaks English, Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi.


Dr. Sidharth Verma has the following degrees:
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), 2007
    Ascoms Jammu
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD), 2013
    Acharya Shri Chander College Of Medical Sciences
    Specialization: Anesthesiology
    IMS, BHU, Varanasi


Dr. Sidharth Verma has the following 4 specializations:
  • Chronic pain management specialist is a doctor trained in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating all types of pain. Such specialists understand the physiology of pain, and work on evaluating patients with complicated pain problems. They also recommend specialized tests for diagnosis of pain, and prescribe medicines to alleviate the pain. They are also trained to perform procedures including nerve blocks, spinal injections and other interventional techniques to treat pain.
  • A neurologist is a doctor who practices in neurology. Neurology is the science related to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. A neurologist treats disorders affecting nerves, brain, spinal cord and cerebrovascular diseases, such as stroke, headache, movement disorders, such as Parkinson's disease, infections of the brain and nervous system, Alzheimer's disease, seizures disorders including epilepsy, spinal cord disorders, and speech and language disorders. Neurologists themselves do not perform surgery and if a patient needs surgery, they refer them to a neurosurgeon.
  • Regenerative medicine is a branch of science which deals with the replacement, engineering, and regeneration of human cells, tissues, and organs to re-establish their normal function. This field of science promises to engineer damaged tissues and organs of the body by activating repair mechanisms of the body to heal tissues or organs that were previously irreparable. This field also includes the possibility of growing tissues as well organs under the laboratory conditions and inserting them into the body when the body cannot heal on its own. Some approaches in the field of regenerative medicine also involve the use of stem cells.
  • A spine specialist is a health specialist who is concerned with treating conditions related to spine. These specialists include physiatrists, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, which is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the spine, pain management physicians, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, and many rheumatologists and neurologists. Selecting the most suitable type of health specialist or a team of specialists depends largely on the nature, severity, and duration of a symptoms of a patient.


Dr. Sidharth Verma has 5 locations:
  • Pain Relief Center

    125 B Wing, Shrikant Chambers, Chembur
    Mumbai, Maharashtra 400088
  • Pain Clinic Mgm Cbd

    1a, Cbd Belapur, Navi
    Mumbai, Maharashtra 400614
  • Pain Clinic Mgm Vashi

    Plot Number 35, Sector 3, Vashi, Maharashtra
    Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703
  • Pain Clinic Mgm Kamothe

    Mgm Medical College, Sector 1, Kamothe, Maharashtra 410209
    Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410209
  • Pain Clinic Aci

    Off Easter Express Highway, Behind Everard Nagar, Somaiya Ayurvihar, Sion East, Sion
    Mumbai, Maharashtra 400022

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Dr. Sidharth Verma - Reviews

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